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  • - absolutely free Bitcoins every 1 hour.
  • - free Bitcoins every 1 hour.
  • - allows you to get free coins every 8 hours.
  • - gives you some free Bitcoin every 12 hours.
  • - gives you Bitcoins for submit. Submits are limited to 3 per BTC addressper day.
  • - free bitcoins every 24 hours.
  • - free Bitcoins every 24 hours.
  • Bunnyrun - funny site allows you to bet on one bunny (for free), if he winns you will get more Bitcoins (every 24 hours).
  • - another captcha site, but this time u can also register and get free coins for posting on chat :D
  • - you can collect Bitcoins every 24 hours, witch chance to get Jackpot!
  • - break a crate abd get free Bitcoins:) Good site but most of the time it is out of coins.
  • - Bitcoins for testing new apps, fill out surveys, view advertisements, sign up for trial subscriptions, and much more.
  • - free Bitcoins for skiping sites witch ads.
  • - free Bitcoins for skiping sites witch ads.
  • - free Bitcoins for skiping sites witch ads.
  • - free coins for skiping sites abaut Bitcoin.
  • - another site that offers you Bitcoins for skiping sites.
  • - chance to win 1 whole Bitcoin.
  • - chance to win 0.1 Bitcoin, also site includes gambling options.
  • - site pays for watching videos or solving captcha's. Also if you are online, it gives free coins each hour.
  • - pays you for watching and sharing videos.
  • - site pays for performing simple tasks.
  • - site pays for performing simple tasks.
  • - earn some bitcoins by answering questions, or completing tasks you're good at.
  • - site pays for completing tasks like watching video.
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